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New ScubaMix version

Today a new version has been published. This version introduces some important changes to the game.
Now you have 3 difficulty modes: Easy; Normal; Hard. You can select it at the new Options Menu. This way all the gamers are included, the ones that think the game is too hard, and the ones that think the game is not challenging enough.
Each time you go up one level, you get the new Bomb Bonus that explodes all around it. Now you get the chance to get rid of the loose tiles that bother you during the game.
When you explode more than 3 equal tiles you can see the floating bonus.
A new, more balanced score system has been implemented. Your saved score had to be reset. You have also a score for each difficulty mode.
Introduced a new hi-score animation.
Your final score is always visible when you loose the game.
Hope this pleases all the gamers!

ScubaMix Published

Scubamix as just been published!

Get it and leave your opinion.

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ScubaMix Beta Tests

Beta tests have started. Feel free to join in.

Send a request to!forum/scubamix-testers