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“How long can you hold under water?”Get it on Google Play

Scubamix is a free Match-3 game and also a mind puzzle game that continually defies you to do better and better. A nice exercise for your brain.

In this game you have to place 3 sea creatures set in a grid and when you join 3 or more equal creatures, they will explode in bubbles.
You can match it in any direction, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, but beware the water level, as soon it reaches the top you loose your game, also, don’t let the board get full, that way you can’t place any more tiles and the game is over.
Use the right arrow to rotate clockwise and the left arrow to rotate counterclockwise.
The more tiles you manage to join the more points you score and more the water level diminishes.


  1. vinay's Gravatar vinay
    March 5, 2015    

    nice game and I really liked the water and light effect in home screen
    I have just started with game development and have been trying to implement similar effect.
    if you please give some insight on how you did this , it will be really helpful for me

    thanks in advance .

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      March 7, 2015    

      Hi Vinay,
      I’ve used cocos2d-x as the development framework.
      Cocos2dx already has some built in effects, some look like water and you can adjust it as you like.
      Take a look here cocos2d-x
      and for the effects here cocos2d-x effects
      Good luck with your games!

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